Is there any hidden charges apart from 6% total charges

NO. There are no other hidden charges. You are guaranteed what was advertised in the home page. Our actual service charge is 3% and the credit card charges are 2.99% plus 30 cents transaction fee. There are no other charges apart from this.

Can you send our money Internationally?

NO. We can only transfer the money locally in the country where the project was created. For USA projects, we will transfer the money or send a check to the US address only. For India, we will send to India accounts or India address.

What about Refunds for Donors?

There will be no refunds at all. All the donations donated to the cause will be given to the beneficiary.You can directly work with the benificiary named by the project owner.

Any restrictions on fundraising?

You are welcome to raise funds for any cause except the following below

1. Terrorism related

2. Against any government

3. Against any political party

4. Controvertial Issues of any nature

Even though we are a business, we are strictly there for those who would like to make a difference to the community and individuals for agood cause.


Who will be my donors for my cause?

Your campaign will be supported by the people who knows you. Generally, it will be your friends, family members, loved ones, coworkers and classmates.and teammates. You need to send them your project link so that they can donate online.

When can I withdraw my money

Once your fundraising campaign begins receiving online donations, you can easily request a withdrawal at any time. Don't worry, withdrawing money does not affect the progress meter that's displayed on your pleaseUpliftMe.com campaign.. You can withdraw your balance directly to your bank account. US users may also request a check.

How long does it take to get my money?

Most withdrawals take between 5 and 7 business days. You can choose between an electronic bank transfer or paper check delivery during the withdrawal process.

What about Taxes?

Unfortunately, we're unable to provide specific tax advice since everyone's situation is different. All the donations are considered as personal gifts and your tax consultant might provide you a better advise as tax laws differes from situation to situation.

Can we combine different campaigns into one?

NO. All the campaigns are individual projects and cannot be combined with other projects.

Can we get a tax deduction for our donations

No. All of your donations are considered "Personal Gifts"

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