Celebrating Birthday Milestones of Manan (10) & Keyan (5)

Celebrating Birthday Milestones of Manan (10) & Keyan (5)

Instead of gifts for the boys, we will appreciate if you can make a donation to this amazing charity, Uplift a Child International Inc





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  • 2019-01-18

    Meghna Parbadia

    Comments :Thank+you+for+giving+us+such+an+wonderful+opportunity+to+be+a+part+of+this+charity.+Both+Manan+and+Kiyan-+great+initiative.+


  • 2019-01-19

    Rajul Jain

    Comments :A+very+noble+cause+and+a+great+idea+for+celebrating+birthday.+We+wish+Manan+and+Keyan+a+very+happy+and+successful+life+ahead%21%21


  • 2019-01-20

    Srikanth Layagala

    Comments :Happy+Birthday+Manan+and+Keyan%21%21%21%21%21%21%21%21%21%21%0D%0AFrom%3A+Srihith


  • 2019-01-20

    Meera H Sutaria

    Comments :Wishing+Manan+and+Keyan+very+happy+birthdays+and+lots+of+health+and+happiness+to+come%21+Love%2C+the+Sutaria+Family+


Instead of gifts for the boys, we will appreciate if you can make a donation to this amazing charity, Uplift a Child International Inc


It is birthday milestones of our sons Manan (10) and Keyan (5) Jayani. Our family is very thankful to God for the blessings on our children. We wanted to share these blessings with other families, especially with the children who are in need of educational help. Uplift a Child is making a difference in the society and specializes in changing children's lives through education. .




About the Founder – A True Living Story

Sam Vonumu is a slum dweller from Visakhapatnam, AP, India. It is because of a sponsor’s help, he is able to go to school and get an education. Education changed his life and today he is well settled in Washington DC area, working currently as a Vice President for a corporate company in Rockville, 

Outside his full time job, he is leading this organization as a voluntary CEO leading our operations in 7 countries. 90% of our children are in India and the rest in Nepal, Philippines, DR Congo and Kenya. We are doing this noble work successfully for 18 years. Sam is always available to talk to anyone who would like to sponsor a child, volunteer for Uplift a Child or share a true story or to help out. He can be reached directly on his cell phone 2408329234 or sam@UplifaChild.org

About Uplift a Child International Inc

  • We are currently supporting children in 10 states all over India. Most of them are Orphans and semi orphans.
  • We identify the children from slums and streets, put them in a good English medium school and support them for 12 years of education (LKG to 10th grade) This is a day school help where we pay for the full year tuition fee, buy them text books, note books, 3 pairs of school uniforms, shoes and socks.
  • We do monitor the child’s progress with the help of local volunteers monthly and quarterly.
  • We update every sponsor with the child’s reports and pictures every year and give them a chance to meet the child directly at their school or at home. We encourage this as the sponsor becomes a second parent for the child automatically.
  • We conduct annual children programs in every location and meet every child and parents to inspire and encourage.
  • We share our annual reports every year with all of our sponsors 
  • It costs only $155 to $255 maximum per YEAR to support a child in our program and it is tax deductible in USA as we are a 501 (c)(3) approved by Internal Revenue Service and got all approvals. We are # 1 in transparency and everything is an open book type of operations.

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