Please Make a Donation to Uplift a Child instead of Gifts





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Please Make a Donation to Uplift a Child instead of Gifts

Dear Friends and Well Wishers of Vishwajit and Sarika Saoji,

Saoji family is a well wisher of humanity and because of their compassion towards the poor and needy, they have selected Uplift a Child International as their favorite charity. They believe in them 100% and trust them with their educational activities especially for the underprivileged children of India. Not everyone can get a great education like most of us here in the United States. But it is never too late to lend a helping hand to those children who are curiously waiting for help.

They will be very happy and thankful if you all can make a donation on the occasion to Uplift a Child instead of giving them the gifts. This would truly add value to human service, and they appreciate it very much.

Please feel free to contact the Saoji family with any questions by emailing them directly at or

Uplift a Child is currently supporting 4,000 children since 19 years. We do have 1900 children currently waiting for help for this year and in case if you would like to pick a child from our waiting list, please go to our webpage and click on the link for children waiting for help.


Thank you

Uplift a Child Team in USA

Please contact Sam Vonumu at 240 832 9234 or email with questions

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